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Welcome!! Leilani Houston is a graduate from Colorado School for Traditional Chinese Medicine with a Masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. She spent the last five years specializing in musculoskeletal and digestive disorders. Leilani uses acupuncture, cupping, Tui Na, e-stim, microsystems, and Chinese herbs to help her patients get back to wellness. Leilani holds certifications in Theta Healing, and has her Reiki II degree. She is also a former Paramedic. If you love essential oils, ask Leilani about Doterra.

Leilani Houston traveled the world while her father was in the military, and can still speak some Japanese. She is an avid hiker, loves biking, and really enjoys helping people.


"I walked out feeling like Superman!" - Jeremie Bongibault, after his first appointment.

"I feel incredibly blessed to have discovered Leilani! After a year of intense daily pain, I now know that each time I visit her I will experience several days that are pain free! Leilani is passionate about learning and growing as an acupuncturist. Each time I come in, she has prepared and researched the best way to treat my specific injury. I love the personal touches that she brings to her treatment: she is genuine, always introducing new oils, and sends me away at the end of each visit with ear seeds for continuous acupuncture on the days between treatments."

"I had never had acupuncture done before, and I had a nauseating, tiring, and very painful migraine. My husband scheduled a home visit with Leilani. While Leilani was putting the needles in, she made sure I was very comfortable and spoke to me in a quiet, calming voice. She left the room for awhile and then came back and took out the needles. Within a half hour the migraine was gone. I had my energy back, my stomach was fine, and it was as if I hadn't had a migraine at all. I couldn't believe it! She is very intuitive in knowing just what we need to help us get better. "

"Leilani has been a light in my path towards healing. I love the way that she treats and I always feel lighter and closer to inner peace after a treatment with her. I have also seen more direction in my life since I started treatments. I would highly recommend her services." - Stacy Swanson